๐ŸŽฎPrompt Hacking

Incremental challenges to get good at understanding LLMs

Learn prompting by hacking around:

Hint: Try these with smaller/old/text models which show log losses to get the intuition faster.

Tic Tac Toe (Easy, Structured Generation)

Chatgpt free version itself can play tic tac toe. But prompt the bot that wont lose but Draws or Wins if you make a mistake.

  • First move will be from Human.

  • Add explainability of why the bot made that move.

Is that a yes or no? (Few shot, Inner monologue, Classification, Medium)

Examples the prompt should work on

Q: Do you have a car?
R: I bought a green Austin-Healey 3000 last week.
Q: Are you going to pick up the blue block?
R: The blue block is sticky
Q: Is Mark here
R: His daughter has the measles
Q: Do you have Netflix or Prime?
R: I have Hotstar
Q: Do you want to hear that story?
R: ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜

Solution inspiration

  • spoiler ahead:

Solve me todayโ€™s Wordle (Instructional, Medium)

To keep it more challenging try to do with as many less examples as possible or using smaller models than 3.5 turbo

Wordle - A daily word game

(DM for solution)

Donโ€™t judge me (Big 5 traits) (Chain of Thought, Extraction, Domain)

If we give a dialogue between two persons that is sufficient enough to extract all 5 traits, write a prompt that can map the persons into their respective 3 scale likert Big 5 traits



Openness: Low

Conscientiousness: High

Extraversion: Neutral

Agreeableness: Low

Neuroticism: Unsure

Your Design Thinking Intern (Domain, Instructional, Chaining )

If we give couple user problem statements, like:

Customer 1: The power button on my phone is broken. The warranty is still valid.
Customer 2: My display stopped working.
Customer 3: The customer service rep didn't answer my email.
Customer 4: Every time I call customer support I get no answer.
Customer 5: The display screen cracked and it's still under warranty.
Customer 6: My power button fell off the phone. That's ridiculous.
Customer 7: I'm so frustrated with this company.
Customer 8: When I use the power button too much, it stops working.

follow design thinking ideas loosely to come up with a list of solutions ranked using any product prioritisation framework.

Bonus: Do one day version, one week version and 11 star rating versionn for each problem.

Note: Doesn't have to generate working brilliant ideas, just learn to seperate roles and context

Spoiler: Rough solution inspiration

Late night show Monologue Jokes (Chain of Thought, Domain Knowledge, Tools)

Make AI write a joke given a news item


Solution Spoiler for: Late night show Monologue Jokes


Movie Recommender                       (Planning, Embeddings, HyDE)
                                        (Sub-question decomposition) 
                                           (Theory of Mind)
                                        (Criticism, Retrospection)

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