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  • Bret Victor Talks: I bet you can't complete a single talk without jumping around with excitement.

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Expertise P*rn

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Andy Matuschak

How to write good prompts: using spaced repetition to create understanding

(simply a must read)

Premature scaling can stunt system iteration

  • Your goal is to answer fundamental questions about your system, not making the graphs go up.

there are dozens of good notes by him, this block should've been in

Mitchell Hashimoto

Contributing to Complex Projects

  • Read and Reimplement Recent Commits

My Approach to Building Large Technical Projects

  • "I've learned that when I break down my large tasks in chunks that result in seeing tangible forward progress, I tend to finish my work and retain my excitement throughout the project."

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The Good Try Rule - LessWrong

  • So when someone says “try Vim or try Roam Research”, its a lazy advice;

  • Instead they should have said to try Roam Research for a week and dump your thoughts without worrying about the structure or format.

  • This way at least you wont be hating whatever X they suggested in the first place.

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